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by kevin 1. 十月 2022 13:43 >
Unlike the QA processes of yore, in which rooms of dedicated software testers pored over new versions of a system, exercising every possible behavior, the engineers who build systems today play an active and integral role in writing and running automated tests for their own code. Even in companies where QA is a prominent organization, developer-written tests are commonplace. At the speed and scale... [更多...]

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Instead, before you begin writing, you should (formally or informally) identify the audience(s) your documents need to satisfy. A design document might need to persuade decision makers. A tutorial might need to provide very explicit instructions to someone utterly unfamiliar with your codebase. An API might need to provide complete and accurate reference information for any users of that API, be t... [更多...]

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Google’s culture, like that of a lot of software companies, is based on giving engineers wide latitude in how they do their jobs. There is a recognition that strict processes tend not to work well for a dynamic company needing to respond quickly to new technologies, and that bureaucratic rules tend not to work well with creative professionals. Code review, however, is a mandate, one of the few bla... [更多...]

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Rules are laws. They are not just suggestions or recommendations, but strict, mandatory laws. As such, they are universally enforceable—rules may not be disregarded except as approved on a need-to-use basis. In contrast to rules, guidance provides recommendations and best practices. These bits are good to follow, even highly advisable to follow, but unlike rules, they usually have some room for va... [更多...]

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At Google, we use the Goals/Signals/Metrics (GSM) framework to guide metrics creation. 在谷歌,我们使用目标/信号/指标(GSM)框架来指导指标创建。 A goal is a desired end result. It’s phrased in terms of what you want to understand at a high level and should not contain references to specific ways to measure it. A signal is how you might know that you’ve achieved the end result. Signals are things we wou... [更多...]

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As your role evolves, all the best practices still apply. You’re still a “servant leader”; you’re just serving a larger group. That said, the scope of problems you’re solving becomes larger and more abstract. You’re gradually forced to become “higher level.” That is, you’re less and less able to get into the technical or engineering details of things, and you’re being pushed to go “broad” rather t... [更多...]

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In nascent teams, both roles will sometimes be filled by the same person: a Tech Lead Manager (TLM). On larger teams, an experienced people manager will step in to take on the management role while a senior engineer with extensive experience will step into the tech lead role. Even though manager and tech lead each play an important part in the growth and productivity of an engineering team, the pe... [更多...]

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We are also writing this chapter because of the increasing imbalance of power between those who make development decisions that impact the world and those who simply must accept and live with those decisions that sometimes disadvantage already marginalized communities globally. It is important to share and reflect on what we’ve learned so far with the next generation of software engineers. It is e... [更多...]

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Your organization understands your problem domain better than some random person on the internet; your organization should be able to answer most of its own questions. To achieve that, you need both experts who know the answers to those questions and mechanisms to distribute their knowledge, which is what we’ll explore in this chapter. These mechanisms range from the utterly simple (Ask questions;... [更多...]

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新鲜 今年夏天,欧洲发生了极端高温,很多河道都水位大降。 流经德国和捷克的易北河,水位下降以后,露出了河底的"饥饿石"。 所谓"饥饿石",就是15世纪到19世纪发生干旱时,当时的人们在这些石头上刻了字,提醒后人,如果再看到这些石头露出水面,就意味着会发生饥饿。 言论 我们作为管理者所做的事情通常会在更长的时间后才得到回报。 传统的经理关心的是如何把事情做好,而优秀的经理关心的是把什么事情做好(并相信他们的团队能想出办法来)。 我发现把自由的市场经济——或者部分自由的市场经济——当做某种生态系统是很有用的思维方式。动物在合适的地方能够繁衍,同样地,人只要在社会上找到了专属于自己的位置,也能够做得很成功。 测算合适的安全边际,只在自己明确界定的能力圈内行事,区分价值和价格、过程和行动、财富和规... [更多...]


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